Important business advantages of multihead weighing machine

  • 2021-08-13

When the multihead weigher is not used for weighing and packaging, this weighing and packaging work must be handled by specialized personnel. If you want to weigh these foods effectively, you must move them at very high speeds to ensure that these foods can be packaged efficiently to avoid waste and increase your profits. This manual method not only wastes time, but also costs more. If this is what you are doing now, can you consider buying a multihead weighing machine for your production line?

Now let me introduce you to the multi-head weighing machine?

Which products can benefit?

The multihead weighing machine can be used for all products in the food industry, such as fresh products such as nuts, grains, vegetables, meat, fish, cheese, salads and pasta. Multi-head weighing machine can be used to weigh products that are difficult to effectively weigh or easily get stuck in the weighing equipment, and are weighed at a very fast speed and transferred to the packaging.

Can it be used on the production line?

Of course, the multi-head weigher can be used as an independent multi-head weigher, or it can be integrated into the production line to create a system that fully meets the requirements.

When you integrate a weighing machine into a production line, you need to consider the conveyor belt system that transports the product to the weighing machine and how the goods move to the final packaging.

Since these machines are specially produced for the food industry, the hygienic design and use of stainless steel in the machines are ensured. The operating system can be adjusted to make it both intelligent and user-friendly during operation.

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