How a 10 heads multihead weigher is better than a manual weigher?

  • 2021-03-05
Gone are the days when snacks were weighed and packed by hand. It took a lot of time and energy to pack hundreds of packs each day. But today, eatables are not weighed by hand as specialized multihead weigher machines are available for this purpose. Business entities can get 10 heads multihead weigher machines, 8 heads multihead weigher machines, and 14 heads multihead weigher machines. It completely depends on the requirement of your business that how many heads you require for your weigher machine. Here in this blog post, we will discuss 10 heads multihead weigher.

10 heads combination weighers are the automatic weighing machines that are used to weight snack food such as chips, nuts, candy, jelly, seed, preserved food, nutlet, cereals, flake, pet food, cookies, and much more. All these food items require quantitative weighing, and for that, 10 heads multihead weigher machine is a perfect choice. This type of weighing machine is applicable to virtually any shape or weight.

One of the most important things about 10 heads combination weigher machine is its speed of weighing the food items. For instance, some of the 10 heads combination weighers have a maximum speed of 60 weights per minute, while other weighing machines can weigh a maximum of 70 weights per minute. If you compare the speed of a multihead weigher machine with a linear weighing or manual weighing machine, then you will realize that a multihead weigher is quite fast than its counterpart. Unlike a manual or linear weighing machine, a 10 heads combination weigher can weight a greater number of packs because of its high speed.

Besides the speed, a multihead weigher has high accuracy as compared to a linear or manual weighing machine. Most of the 10 heads multihead weighers have an accuracy of 0.1 to 2 grams per weight. A high accuracy weighing machine will let you see savings instantly on product giveaways. It is important that a weighing machine installed in your facility has a high efficiency so that you can easily achieve your daily target. Always make sure to choose the right combination of high accuracy and high speed from several weights combination. For the selection of the best combination, you can use a computerized calculation.   

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