Why do the packaging of nuts and grains choose a multi-head mixing scale

  • 2021-07-23

Today, we will introduce a 24 head mixing weigher. For some commodities, such as nuts and grains, in order to save costs, you can’t buy multiple multi-head combination weighers. Then you need to consider a mixed combination weigher. A mixed combination weigher can supply 6 or even 8 types of food for packaging. They work with each other. Do not affect each other. Not only solves the packaging of many types of food, but also saves costs for you. Here is an introduction to the hybrid combination weigher produced by Gantan: Nuts Mixing Weigher

You can take a look at the video demo first:

6 kinds of products are mixed by Gantan 24-head memory scale. The smallest bucket with the largest capacity.

One of our scales has 6 kinds of mixed products, and one weighing machine can handle up to 8 kinds of mixed products. No additional counting device is required.

Let's take a look at his advantages:

Fewer heads, more combinations

***24: 6 kinds of mixed only need 24 heads

***1350: Small size, the diameter of the scale body is 1350mm, and the required space is limited.

Fewer gifts, faster speed!

***<1.5g: The average gift of 6 kinds of mixture is less than 1.5g

***50 WPM: 6 mixing speeds up to 50wpm

Each is weighed separately

***Each type is weighed separately to ensure product quantification.

Faster CPU, stronger performance

***The memory bucket provides a double combination

***Each individual weighing without losing speed

***Intelligent automatic compensation for Teduce gifts.

***Modular design to ensure minimum failure rate

***Enhance the CPU, increase the calculation speed by 15

If you are interested in our mixed multifunctional combination weigher, you can send an email( to us for consultation, there will be unexpected prices!

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