Which product is suitable for multi-head computer combination weigher?

  • 2021-04-09

Taking into account the accuracy and safety of food measurement, all retail commodity manufacturers, especially the food production industry, have deployed packaging measurement testing equipment to make packaged food meet the specified requirements. Among them, the multi-head combination weigher is particularly popular with food manufacturers.

Which product is suitable for Food Multihead Weighers?

The combination weigher is mainly suitable for high-speed, high-precision automatic quantitative weighing of uniform and uneven particles, regular and irregular bulk items.

The products mainly include the following categories:

The first category is puffed food;

The second category is candy and melon seeds.

The third category is pistachios and other big shell nuts;

The fourth category is jelly and frozen food;

The fifth category is snack food, pet food, plastic hardware, etc.

Food Weights Scale multihead weigher packing machine

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