What's a multihead weigher? How does it work?

  • 2021-04-15
Introduction of multihead weigher:

Multi-head weighers (also known as combination scales) are the equipment standard for weighing applications in a variety of industries. The principle is mainly to use the combined weighing principle

The multihead weighers is the individual weighing devices, which normally connected to vertical form fill sealing packaging machines, horizontal packaging machine, rotary pouch packing machine, tin/can/bottle packing machine, etc. The main function of this dosing device is separating the food product into main feeder, vibration linear feeder pan, feeder bucket and weight bucket, which are control by main board &set by the machine operator/control panel. The ready target weight doses will feed to the packaging machines.
Multi-head weighers
Working method of the multihead weighers:

This type of weighing equipment can be used for the dosing& weighting of any granular products and other products in solid state, including the irregular geometric shape. Generally, the multihead weigher dosing machine consists of main corn for products vibrating to linear feeder pan, linear vibrating channels, which feed to feeding bucket &weighing hoppers for products target weight combination. The hoppers are attached on weighing scales, which perform the measuring of the weight of the product. Unlike the linear weighers, where the set weight of the dose is achieved by the unloading of a single hopper without any target weight combination function but can mix products according to head number of linear weigher . the mulihead weigher achieves the single target weight dose via the unloading of several hoppers by combination calculating with main board controlling and load cell weighting. These types of dosing systems are equipped with a special function which checks the quantity of the product in every single hopper and chooses the optimal combination of hoppers which will unload the product to the packaging machine. This way, a much higher effectiveness and precision of each target weight dosing is achieved. The multihead weigher is the only weighing scales that can guarantee high precision and speed when dosing products.

Application scope of multi-head weigher:

Suitable for high speed of candy, melon seeds, jelly, pet food, puffed food, pistachios, peanuts, nuts, almonds, raisins, cakes, and various granular, flake, strip, round and irregular switching materials Weigh.

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