What is the tutorial for using the multi-head combination scale?

  • 2022-05-20

Why the sequential feeding function can completely solve the blocking problem of the feeding port?

In the past, the combination hoppers were opened together every time the combination scale was weighed. If the material volume is large or the weighing specification is large, such as walnuts, jelly, etc., the size of a single package exceeds 300~500 grams. , Group, and combined scales developed the function of feeding sequentially. Through setting, each combination bucket can be discharged at a certain time interval. For example, if 0.01 is set, the interval between each combination bucket is 0.01 seconds for each weighing.

What is the function of the collection hopper processing system of the combination scale?

If you buy a combination scale without a collection hopper, and after a period of time, the user wants to configure a collection hopper, the result is not only to re-drill holes on the base of the combination scale, but also to solder IC and wiring on the main board, which may not only affect the combination. The scale is in its original state, and even has to be re-configured. This problem does not exist when the collection hopper processing system is equipped.

What is the computer connection function of the multi-head combination scale?

After purchasing a combination scale equipped with a printer, the production statistics can be obtained by printing the printer; the combination scale can connect the printer data line with the computer, and directly count and print the production data in the computer. The parameter settings of 10 combination scales in the workshop can be easily operated in the same computer, and the maintenance is more convenient;

In the subsequent use process, it is still necessary to pay attention to the follow-up maintenance and repair work on the combination scale to prolong the overall service life of the combination scale.

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