What are the requirements for buying a multi-head combination weigher |

  • 2021-05-21

1. Accuracy requirements

In order to reduce the loss caused by multiple products when choosing a multi-functional multi-head weigher, users are generally willing to choose a high-precision multi-head combination weigher. Therefore, users need to understand the important allowable error requirements of the packaged food before purchasing a multi-head combination weigher.

2. Requirement of measuring speed

When users choose a computer multi-head weigher, in order to obtain good economic benefits, it is also very important to select high-precision equipment while being fast. At present, the weighing speed of ordinary multi-head weigher is about 60 bags/min, but the more the number of weighing heads, the faster the speed. For example, the speed of 10-head combination weigher is 60 bags/minute, and the speed of 14-head combination weigher is 120 bags/minute.


3. Requirements for material specific gravity and particle size

For materials with different specific gravity, when selecting a multi-head combination weigher, because the specific gravity of the material is different, even the same weight of the material will have a large difference in volume. Therefore, the user cannot just look at the maximum combination of the scale when choosing a computer multi-head weigher. For weight, also refer to the maximum combined capacity.

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