Scheme design of candy quantitative weighing and packaging system

  • 2021-07-02

I. Overview. According to a candy sample provided by a large domestic candy manufacturer, the candy is dry, granular, and has a high specific gravity, which is very suitable for the weighing and packaging requirements of a multi-head computer combination weigher.

2. Composition of quantitative weighing and packaging system:

1. Waterproof 10 and 14-head combination weigher 1 set

2. 1 Z-type conveyor

3. 1 vibrating feeder

4. Supporting platform 1

5. 1 vertical packaging machine

6. 1 weight sorting machine

The following is a description of each component device:

1. Multi-head packaging machine: Waterproof 10-head combination weigher can be used. The combination weigher is a new generation combination weighing equipment with the largest sales volume and the leading domestic technology in GUANGDONG GANTAN PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD. Using digital conversion module, the speed can reach 70-130 times/min, the accuracy is ±0.5g, the performance is stable, and the structure is reasonable. It has been exported to Europe, Southeast Asia, America and other countries in large quantities.

2. Z-type conveyor: adopts stainless steel body, food grade plastic PP hopper and stainless steel conveyor chain (carbon steel material surface spray treatment can also be used), easy to clean and easy to install.

3. Vibrating feeder: made of stainless steel, stable conveying, easy to clean, and large capacity of the hopper.

4. Working platform: The surface is made of stainless steel or carbon steel with plastic spraying, with strong rigidity. The platform is used to place the combination weigher, which is convenient for maintenance.

5. Vertical packaging machine: Pack the materials weighed by the combination weigher. Generally, there are two types of packaging machines. One is a bag-sealing machine. The pre-made packaging bag is placed in the machine. The machine will automatically lift and open the packaging bag, put the weighed material into the bag and then seal it. Less than 35 packs/minute. The other is a vertical bag making and sealing machine, which uses roll film to automatically make bags, then put the materials in and seal them, and the speed can reach 60 bags/min. The advantage of this machine is that it can reduce the cost of prefabricated bags, and the use cost is low, and it has been widely used in our country.

6. Weight testing machine: When the packaged finished product passes through this machine, the unqualified product (with weight exceeding tolerance) will be discharged to ensure that the factory product is 100% qualified, with an accuracy of ±0.5 grams and a speed of 60 bags/min, which can meet User's metering requirements.

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