Multihead weigher to fish & seafood industry

  • 2021-06-03

When processing fish and seafood, we know the importance of staying competitive. GANTAN multi-head scales use vibration to feed fish and seafood, which can help you stay competitive. Fish and seafood multi-head scales are designed to meet the increasing requirements for accuracy and speed in the process of weighing fish and seafood.

Traditional multihead weighers use vibration to transfer and distribute fish and seafood to the weighing pan. The top cone conveys fish and seafood to the vibrator chute through vibration. The vibrator chute vibrates the fish and seafood into the assembly tray through time and amplitude control.

The multihead weigher can also handle:

-Dairy products

- instant foods

-Meat and poultry

- fruits and vegetables

The multi-head weigher with vibratory feeding of fish and seafood can be divided into up to four separate product areas, so it can be used for precise mixing of fish and seafood. With our multihead scale, you will get a tried-and-tested and reliable weighing machine. Our vibratory feeding multihead weigher is available in a variety of models, and we can provide you with a machine that meets your specific needs and ensures the best processing of your products.

Multihead scales for fish and seafood-several benefits GANTAN's multihead weigher will not suffer any loss when dealing with small negative tolerances. It is also very suitable for handling viscous products, although there may be better options, such as a multihead weigher with a screw.

The multihead weigher has the lowest noise level and maintenance level. The multihead weigher is also easy to clean and is a wireless operation panel. All of our multihead weigher,mixing weigher are greatly appreciated in a variety of different markets throughout the world.

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