Multihead Mixing Weigher Has Substantially Solved Many Weighing Problems In The Food Field

  • 2021-02-03

We all know that many of the initial food packaging still use manual weight measurement, but there will definitely be a lot of errors and labor losses in the middle, and the development of multihead mixing weigher has substantially solved many weighing problems in the food field. Their use increased exponentially in the 1970s and 1980s, when they were used to quickly weigh snacks and candy bags. What cherry tomatoes and potato chips have in common is that they can easily flow from the machine into the package, and nothing is more exciting than the moderate excitation of gravity and feeder vibration. Since then, accuracy and relative speed have been extended to many products, which were considered difficult to handle in the early days of the technology. But hybrid weighing can give play to advantages in the following types of products:


Sticky products

Belts or screw feeders can be used instead of vibration to move fresh meat and fish in poultry and cheese (including grated cheese), with or without seasoning.


Granules and powders

Free-flowing fine-grained powder can be weighed cheaper by other methods (such as automatic door scales or linear weighing machines or dosing machines), while coffee particles and other particles and loose tea products can be weighed on today's mixing weigher Perform weighing.


Fragile products

A weigher with a shallower drop angle and various padded liners make it possible to package fragile and fragile items, such as handmade chocolates and delicious biscuits.


Mixing weigher is customised for blending project. The memory bucket boosts the combination with less heads, it is the most advanced Gantan weigher.

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