Multihead Mixing Weigher for Food packaging

  • 2020-10-22

Gantan stick pack and sachet weighers  are very popular in industries that package small packets of powder or liquid products like condiments and drink mixes. These Multihead Mixing Weigher work similarly to form fill seal machines but create multiple packages at once.

Mixing Weigher specifications


Packaging equipment is often rated by speed or throughput, which is how many finished bags can be completed by the weigher in a certain time frame. This is usually represented as bags per minute (bpm), which is how many finished bags can be produced by the machine per minute.

Often a Mixing Mixing will be rated for a maximum number of bags per minute, while actual production speeds will vary based on many factors including operator skill, product properties, bag styles, and plant environment.


Packaging equipment will also have bag size parameters, usually represented by width, length, and/or depth in millimetres (mm). This means a finished bag must fall within certain size constraints.

Some packaging weigher can accommodate very large bags, and others work best creating much smaller packages. Your packaging machinery manufacturer will use your bag parameters to decide which machine to recommend.

Multihead Weigher packing machine can also have bag weight parameters, meaning the machine can only support bags up to a certain weight. If a bag is very large and heavy, load-bearing support shelves can be added.


Another parameter will be the bag types a packaging machine can produce. Certain models can only create simple flat bag types while others can create more complex bags, like stand-up pouches.


Multihead Weigher packing machine need adequate power and air supply to operate. Specifications for these components will also be listed on most spec sheets.

This video show you how to weigh the Soft candy, the multi color Gummy Bear . Soft candy is a kind of solid-type snack product made from sugar, or mixture of sugar with other sweeteners, with or without addition of permitted food additives. Fast growth of soft candy sales provides a huge need of soft candy manufactures to supply market demands. Soft candy will be produced in pillow pack packaging with a net weight of 2,5 grams each.

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