How to choose the multi-head intelligent combined weigher correctly?

  • 2020-10-30
In recent years, with the popularization of China's industrial automation production and the increase in labor costs, intelligent combination weigher has the characteristics of high weighing accuracy, fast speed, stable performance, etc., and are more and more widely used in many industries in China. Especially in the field of food, intelligent combination weigher have been applied on a large scale, and are increasingly used in Chinese medicine, chemical industry, tea, feed, seed, and other industries. Intelligent combination weigher has become the highlight of the development of automatic weighing instruments.  

An intelligent combination weigher is also called mini multihead weigher, computer combination weigher, etc. It has the characteristics of fast weighing speed, high dynamic precision, and a high degree of automation. Intelligent multihead weigher mainly includes 8-head weigher, 10-head weigher, 12-head weigher, 13-head weigher, 14-head weigher, 16-head weigher, 18-head weigher, 20-head weigher, 24-head weigher, etc., each of which is a separate The scale can be weighed independently.

What kind of products is suitable for multi-head intelligent combined weigher?

The multi-head weigher is mainly used for high-speed, high-precision automatic quantitative weighing of uniform and uneven particles, regular and irregular bulk goods, of which the first category is large and lightweight items, and the second category is easy to stick flow difference Items; the third category is foods that are difficult to separate; the fourth category is fragile packaged foods; the fifth category is frozen packaged foods; the sixth category is leak-proof packaged foods, and the seventh category is dried fresh fruits and local products.

What should users pay attention to when selecting multihead weigher?

1 Accuracy requirements
In order to reduce the losses caused by multiple products when users choose multi-head scales, they are generally willing to choose high-precision multi-head scales. Therefore, users must understand the important tolerance requirements of packaged food before purchasing a multi-head weigher. In China, the regulations on the content of quantitative packaged goods are the same as OIML International Recommendation No. 87. See the chart for specific description:

2. Requirements for metering speed
When users choose multi-head weigher, in order to get good economic benefits, while choosing high-precision equipment, fast speed is also very important. At present, the measurement speed of ordinary domestic multihead weigher is about 70 packs/min, but the more the number of weighing heads, the faster the speed, such as 10-head weigher and 14-head weigher are 65-140 packs/min, 16-head scales and 20 heads The speed of the scale is 190-240 bags/min. At the same time, users should also pay attention to the lifting conveyor and packaging machine with a matching speed at the front and rear ends of the multi-head weigher to complete the entire process from weighing to packaging.

3. Material specific gravity and particle size requirements

For materials with different specific gravities, when selecting multi-head weigher, because the specific gravity of the materials is different, the volume of even materials of the same weight will vary greatly, so users cannot look at the maximum combined weight of the scale when selecting multihead weigher. Also refer to the maximum combined capacity, such as a multihead weigher with a maximum combined weight of 1000 grams, generally, there will be two specifications of the maximum combined capacity of 2000ml and 5000ml respectively.

And through the development of domestic intelligent combination scale enterprises, the products have been continuously innovated and improved, and have become the first choice of the majority of user enterprises. For example, GUANGDONG GANTAN PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD., its product lineup, weighing accuracy and weighing speed of combination scales are all leading domestically, and are favored by the majority of user companies. The commitment of Gantan is to design and provide Chinese made multihead weighing solutions with premium quality and standards.

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