How much does inaccurate weighing affect an industry |

  • 2021-09-03

How to accurately give the specified weight has a great impact on the cost of the enterprise. If you exceed a lot of weight during packaging, you are giving away free products. If the weight of the items you give is not enough, your customers will be unhappy. So accurate weight is very important for a company.

Weighing is an important part of every consumer product production line. As the main tool for price sharing, its performance must be maintained at the best level to ensure product quality while minimizing gifts. Computer Combination Weighing (CCW), or multi-head weighing, is a well-known tool for accelerated packaging, so multi-head weighing/scale systems are very suitable for weighing food and non-food consumer products, as well as any items such as medicines.

Gantan's food multi-head combination weigher can be applied to the packaging of all kinds of food, which can not only save time but also achieve a high degree of accuracy, bringing better benefits to the enterprise. If you are currently choosing a suitable multi-head scale, you can come to us for a look. We are a professional manufacturer and can provide your factory with multi-head scales suitable for you, such as 10-head combination scales, 14-head combination scales, etc., welcome to consult !

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