Fish and Seafood Weighing Solutions

  • 2021-01-27
Gantan has pioneered many new solutions for the packing of fish and seafood, boasting great expertise and knowledge of the challenges in this area, including packing speed, low-temperature working, salt corrosion, product fragility and hygiene. Combination scales integrate with pre-made bag, tray, cup, tub, jar, and bowl lines as well as VFFS or HFFS for various packaging styles.

Over the years, Gantan has sucessfully delivered over 200 units  of waterproof weighers to the seafood industry, and based on those valuable experience with the toughest working enviornment, we were able to provide tthe true water resistant weighers. This ensures Gantan waterproof weigher been able to work in the moist environment and to be washed down with water.

Our waterproof weighers can help you maintain production sanitation standards necessary in the food industry. They are designed to withstand harsh conditions and below-freezing temperatures where condensation can form on surfaces. Polygon-shaped buckets provide greater access to corners for easier cleaning.

Our proven range of conventional seafood weighing machines is ideal for weighing frozen fish and seafood at up to 140 weighments per minute, our screwfeeder weighers in particular being capable of handling large fillets much faster than conventional rates, while delivering the highest degree of product integrity and appearance.

Our waterproof seafood weighing machines are ideal for fixed-weight packaging of lobster tails, fish fillets, and other large seafood pieces or fragile products.

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