Automatic salad packaging machine with multihead weigher for weighing vegetable salad

  • 2020-12-08
Gantan salad weigher is customised for handling light leaf product.  Modular control system, Enhanced vibrators to move light leaf effectively, 5L bucket suitable for large volume, Central loadcell for product level control, Robust ......

Popular with a small to Mid-plant our machines provide savings in labor and material and enhance efficiency, Widely used for for Cut cabbage, lettuce, spinach, leek, Chinese chive, garlic seedling, celery and all loose vegetables or Fruit that require a more advanced form of weighing for sticky/wet products.
Multihead Salad Weigher
1. High-precision, high-standard special load cell,resolution up to 2 decimal places.
2. Program recovery function can reduce operation failures, Support multi-segment weight calibration.
3. No products auto pause function can improve weighing stability and accuracy.
4. 100 programs capacity can meet various weighing requirement,user-friendly help menu in touch screen contributes to easy operation.
5. Linear amplitude can be adjusted independently,can make the feeding more uniform.

Mechanical Character
1. Speed adjustable rotary top cone is suitable for different product feeding.
2. Enhanced linear vibrator improves the flowability of material.
3. The declinational special linear vibrator pan, ensure smooth feeding.
4. Optional weighing type material detection, accurate control of feeding time, material thickness, to ensure the accuracy of the weighing;
5. The whole cast aluminum thickening machine case enhanced the strength of the machine, and shorten sample stable time.

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