Automatic combination scale-the highlight of the packaging industry

  • 2021-09-14

The computer multi-head combination weigher originated in Japan. Because the multi-head weigher has good performance in terms of accuracy and speed, it has been rapidly and widely used in the food industry. The multi-head weigher can weigh three types of materials: block, granular, and strip. Among them, the weighing of block materials can best reflect the superiority of the multi-head scale. It solves the measurement of block materials due to the large weight of a single block. The problem of large errors.

The performance of the multi-head computerized combination weigher in terms of packaging accuracy and speed is greatly improved compared to traditional measurement methods. At present, the industry generally sets the weighing error of the multihead weigher as positive 0.5-1.0g (weighing range 500g). At the same time, because the multi-head weigher uses a computer for calculation, it effectively improves the combination speed (ie weighing speed). A multi-head weigher with ten heads can weigh up to 70 times per minute, and a multi-head weigher with fourteen heads can weigh up. Up to 120 times per minute. Fujian Dali Food Factory is a large-scale enterprise specializing in the production of fried potato chips. Before 2004, it has always used the traditional measurement method (single weighing cup measurement), and its speed can only reach 25 times per minute, and the average error of single bag weighing The value is greater than 4g, that is, each bag of potato chips (40g) is packed at least 4g potato chips due to inaccurate weighing. Based on the annual output of 4000 tons, the company loses nearly 400 tons of potato chips each year. In order to solve the problem of product measurement inaccuracies, the company tried to buy a multi-head weigher (WP-A10). After using the multi-head weigher, the company sets the actual weighing error value to 1g, that is, the weighing error loss of each bag of potato chips (40s) is reduced by more than 3 grams compared with when the multi-head weigher is not used. All investment will be recovered within half a year. Now Fujian Dali Group, including nearly 10 branch factories across the country, uses more than 40 domestically-made combination weighers.

The quantitative weighing section of the combination scale is the key equipment for the automated production of food factories. In the past, my country relied on imports from Japan, Australia and other countries. Due to the high price, it hindered the wide application and popularization of computer combination weighers. The emergence of Gantan combination weigher and its advanced technology in combination weighing make the computer combination weigher that was originally regarded as a "noble product" no longer the patent of large enterprises, and more domestic pursuits of high speed , High-efficiency enterprises have eliminated the previous quantitative weighing and packaging production lines of cup-type or full labor costs, etc., and armed themselves with high-tech, more automated combination weigher quantitative weighing and packaging systems.

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