Application selection of multi-head combination scales

  • 2022-04-20

The multi-head combination scale (hereinafter referred to as the multi-head scale) first appeared in Japan and was successfully developed by the Japanese Ishida Company in 1973. Because the multi-head scale has good performance in terms of accuracy, speed, etc., it has been rapidly and widely used in the food industry. The multi-head scale can weigh three types of materials: block, granular and powder. Among them, the weighing of block materials can best reflect the advantages of the multi-head scale. big error problem.

The multi-head intelligent combination scale has greatly improved the level of packaging accuracy and speed compared with the traditional measurement method. At present, the weighing error of the multi-head scale is generally set as X<0.5-1.0g (weighing range 500g) in the industry, which greatly improves the accuracy compared with the traditional measurement method. At the same time, because the multi-head scale uses computer for calculation, it effectively improves the combination speed (that is, the weighing speed). A multi-head scale with ten heads can weigh up to 75 times per minute, and sixteen heads (with memory bucket) Multi-head scale, weighing speed up to 240 times/min. Let me give an example to introduce to my peers the benefits that the use of multi-head scales brings to enterprises. A food factory in Kunming is a company specializing in the production of fried potato chips. Before 1998, it has been using traditional measurement methods (single weighing bucket measurement, its speed can only reach 25 times/min, and the average weighing error value X>4g ( The target value is 40g), that is, each bag of potato chips (40g) is packed with at least 4g of potato chips due to inaccurate weighing. Calculated based on the annual output of 4,000 tons, the enterprise will lose nearly 400 tons of potato chips every year, that is, Said that the economic loss caused by the inaccurate measurement to the enterprise is as high as 5.2 million yuan (RMB) every year. In order to solve the problem of inaccurate product measurement, the enterprise imported three multi-head scales from Japan in October 1997 and put them into use in early 1998. After using the multi-head scale, the company set the actual weighing error value as X<0.6g, that is, the weighing error loss of each bag of potato chips (40s) was reduced by 3.4g compared with when the multi-head scale was not used. It was confirmed by cost accounting that the multi-head scale After using it for less than half a year, the entire investment was recovered. After seeing the actual benefits, the company increased the purchase plan of the multi-head scale. Now the group company uses a total of 7 multi-head scales imported from Japan.

If after reading the above text, you have already begun to be tempted to buy a multi-head scale, then I will introduce you to three factors that you should pay attention to when purchasing a multi-head scale.

The first thing to consider when purchasing a multihead weighing machine is whether the weighing speed of the multi-head scale matches the production line. The weighing speed of the multi-head scale mainly depends on the number of participating weighing buckets (some models have memory buckets). The more weighing buckets and memory buckets, the faster the weighing speed of the scale. For example, the combined weighing speed of 10 weighing buckets can reach 75 times/min, while the maximum weighing speed of 16 weighing buckets (with memory buckets) The speed can reach 240 times/min. If the user has a ready-made packaging machine, the speed of the multi-head scale should be referred to the running speed of the packaging machine, but the speed of the multi-head scale should be slightly higher than the running speed of the packaging machine.

Secondly, the weighing range, material size, shape and viscosity of the product should be considered. If the weighing range and material are large, larger feeding hoppers, weighing hoppers and memory hoppers should be considered. Feed hoppers, weighing hoppers, vibrating troughs, and chutes that are in contact with materials should have anti-stick properties, otherwise the speed and accuracy of the multi-head scale will be affected.

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