6 tips For Choosing Suitable Multihead Weigher Packing Machine

  • 2020-11-05

Multihead weigher machines are suitable for both food and non-food products. The setpoints selection has a major impact on the performance of a multihead weighing machine. 6 tips help you choose and buy the suitable multihead weigher packing machine as below:

1. The qualification of manufacturer. It includes the awareness of the company, the ability of researching and developing, customer quantities and certificates.

2. The weighing range of multihead weigher packing machine. There are 1~100 grams, 10~1000 grams, 100~5000 grams, 100~10000grams, the weighing accuracy depends on the weigher weight range. If you choose 100-5000 grams range to weigh 200 grams’ products, the accuracy will be bigger. But you need to choose the weigher packing machine on the basic of the product volume.

3. The speed of packing machine. The speed is inversely correlated with its accuracy. The higher speed is; the worse accuracy is. For semi-automatic weighing packing machine, it would be better to take worker’s capacity into consideration. It’s the best choice for getting packing machine solution from GUANGDONG GANTAN PACKAGING MACHINERY CO.,LTD., you will get the suitable and accurate quotation with electrical configuration.

4. The complexity of operating the machine. Operation should be an important point when selecting the multihead weigher packing machine supplier. Worker can operate and maintain it easily in daily production, save more time.

5. The after-sales service. It includes the machine installation, machine debugging, training, maintenance and etc. Smart Weigh Packaging Machinery has a complete after-sales and before-sales service.

6. Other conditions include but not limited to machine appearance, value of money, free spare parts, transportation, delivery, payment terms and etc.

The commitment of Gantan is to design and provide Chinese made multihead weighing solutions with premium quality and standards. Let us join together and become the most reliable partner in this diversified market.

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